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Torrent Lindisfarne - Classic Rock Legends (2002) [DVD5 PAL]

Lindisfarne - Classic Rock Legends (2002) [DVD5 PAL]

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Lindisfarne - Classic Rock Legends (2002) [DVD5 PAL]

Format: PAL
Language English
Number of discs: 1
Studio: Classic Rock Legends
DVD Release Date: 7 Oct 2002

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Lindisfarne were a British folk/rock group from Newcastle upon Tyne established in 1970 (originally called Brethren[1]) and fronted by singer/songwriter Alan Hull. Their music combined a strong sense of yearning with an even stronger sense of fun. The original line-up comprised Alan Hull (vocals, guitar, piano), Ray Jackson (vocals, mandolin, harmonica), Simon Cowe (guitar, mandolin, banjo), Rod Clements (bass guitar, violin) and Ray Laidlaw (drums).

They are best known for the albums Nicely Out of Tune (1970), Fog on the Tyne (1971) and Back and Fourth (1978), also for the success of songs such as "Meet Me On The Corner", "Lady Eleanor", "Run For Home" and "We Can Swing Together".

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Name:Lindisfarne - Classic Rock Legends (2002) [DVD5 PAL]
Category:Music > DVD
Lang:English  English
Total Size:2.13 GB
Info Hash:97aef02b9ee42a972b11388fc2ac0c4bcfda235a
Added By:tarporley
Date Added:09-07-2017 16:36:11


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