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BitTorrent tracker

is a torrent

tracker and website that includes file-sharing related forums and a index for the BitTorrent


Rules at
- No aggressive behaviour or flaming in the forums.
- No trashing of other peoples topics (i.e. SPAM).
- No language other than English in the forums.
- No systematic foul language (and none at all on titles).
- No links to warez or crack sites in the forums.
- No requesting or posting of passwords or illegal things in the forums.
- No posting the word bump or something useless just to get attention on a topic.
- No double posting. If you wish to post again, and yours is the last post in the thread please use the EDIT function.
The rules for adding comments and discussion
- For user comments on torrents and discussion forum in the shoutbox general rules apply.

- No spamming or advertising!

- We do not allow spamming in our forums, comments, or private messages.

- You are allowed one account on this site. Creating more than one will likely lead to one or both being banned, with the upload/download stats combined onto one account.

- No Hit And Running Allowed. Please keep your clients connected to all torrents you have downloaded until you have shared back as much as you have downloaded. Failure to do so on a consistent basis may result in the loss of your download rights.

- We do not care if you share what you have downloaded here elsewhere.

- Only uploads within the categories listed are allowed. No WAV audio. No .TS video.
Other rules
- The allowed formats are .gif, .jpg and .png.

- No Video is allowed that is sourced from commercial releases, Pay-Per View Events, Official Website Video, or PROMOTIONAL DVD's.

- Whenever Possible please link to websites that show the validity of this bootleg material and post any other pertinent information.

- If cover art is available, please included it in the torrent. Do not create a new torrent just for the cover art.
Each registered user has the right to:
Free speech, respect, free use, advancement to a higher rank, nformation, help, mistake, second chance
The basic principle torrents
Whats a Torrent: A .torrent file is a small file around 10kb, that lets you locate people with the larger files you need. You can download all sorts of electronic files such as Audio Files: .mp3,.wma or Video Files: .avi,.wmv and any others that you may have on your computer.

Whats a BitTorrent Program: Bit Torrent Programs also known as a Bit Torrent Clients use .torrent files to locate and download the larger file(s) your looking for. After you install a Bit Torrent Program you then download and click on a .torrent file and your real file(s) will start downloading.

Whats Seeders and Leechers: Well a seeder is someone with 100% of a torrents file content that is sharing with us on the site. A leecher is someone downloading from a seeder. You also share with other leechers while you download as well.
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